DESCRIPTION: Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person's teeth, gums and/or bite. At our office we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to provide each patient with individual dental care to achieve our goal of improving or maintaining the appearance of your smile.


  • ZOOM!:
    You can look younger and more attractive in about 1 hour!!! Zoom can lighten tooth enamel, and get rid of those horrible stains from wine, tea, coffee, tobacco, and tetracycline medications. The bleaching power is potent and fast. It’s also safe!

  • HOME:
    If you prefer a more gradual change, ask us about our professional home whitening kits.  Our potent teeth-whitening kits require a dentist’s prescription. We’ll make thin custom mouth trays to hold the bleaching gel against your teeth for amazing results.

  • It can take up to two weeks of using the home whitening kit as directed, for your teeth to have the same sparkle that our in-office teeth whitening provides. When tooth enamels begins to tarnish, simply reuse the custom mouth trays and teeth-whitening gel from our office. You can keep your smile bright forever! You can always order more whitening gel from our office when needed.


Porcelain veneers are thin, handcrafted porcelain shells that fits on the face of front teeth. Veneers close gaps between teeth, can alter the shape, change the color, and size of teeth, and can correct slight misalignments. Two important facts when doing veneers is look and function. We can offer the best of both!

    Dental crowns are placed over your natural teeth after the tooth has been adjusted to allow the crown to be placed. You may need a crown or crowns for the following reasons.
    • Cracked tooth
    • Large cavity
    • After root canal therapy
    • Failing existing crown
    • Lack of tooth structure
    Bridges are used in replacing a missing tooth and is attached to the adjacent teeth on either side. A bridge can help you avoid dental problems when a tooth is lost. Some of these problems could be;
    • The missing tooth can make it difficult to chew.
    • Super eruption can occur when there is no apposing tooth.
    • Problems may result in your TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction.)
    • Periodontal disease can develop, as the teeth shift; it makes them more difficult to clean.


Dental implants are often used to replace missing teeth and/or missing roots, which aid in anchoring crowns, bridges, and dentures.


Prosthodontics is restoring teeth which are broken down or missing, because of this, problems can occur in both the function and appearance of the teeth. Most common restorations are crowns and/or bridges and dentures.


If you have teeth that are loose, missing or in bad condition, it may be difficult or impossible to save them. Advanced periodontal disease causes bone loss which usually causes these conditions. If not caught and treated in time, periodontal disease will often cause tooth loss. By replacing your missing teeth with dentures it would be the best way to get rid of the infection and allow your mouth to return to a healthy state.